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When Home Buying is Child's Play

Here is a true story from a real estate professional detailing a crazy and funny experience that has happened on the job.

During an open house I was hosting, I was approached by two children holding hands. The boy told me he was 10 years old and his girlfriend was 9. They said they were getting married and were looking for a home. The house they intended to buy needed to be on this particular block, they said, because its where they lived and they weren’t allowed to go farther without an adult. They also wanted a pool because they were both taking swimming lessons.

Since one of their dads was accompanying them, I played along and let the kids look around the house. After the tour, the budding couple said they had each selected (separate) bedrooms. They said the house was nice but the microwave over the stove would need to be relocated because neither could reach it. They took my open house flyers and said they would discuss the $500,000 list price with their parents. It was the easiest “sale” I never made. I sure hope they come back in 15 years or so!

—Chris A. Paradiso, Watson Realty Corp, New Smyrna Beach, Fla.

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